Wednesday, April 6, 2011

wherever you go, there you are

A word on... me.

When I came here-to this little room in Lugo, Spain & to this lovely flat I reside in- I had so much space. So much space I didn't know what to do with it. I had more space than I had stuff! I had to strategically place things so that I filled up most of the space or else it looked too barren.
Now? I have stuff on TOP of the wardrobe because the wardrobe can't fit anymore, I have crap in every corner, the drawers are stuffed with stuff, even the walls are pretty much covered.
How? How did this happen? I came with three pairs of shoes-sneakers, boots, flats. How did I go from that to having three pairs of sneakers and three pairs of flats plus boots? And from three bags to six plus a wallet? Don't get me started on clothes.
The consumptive American is still alive and well inside me. [in my defense, stuff here is so much cuter and often cheaper. case in point: i paid €5 for a pair of shoes and €2 for an adorable tank top!! ("Excuses, excuses..")]
Not only that but I've severely cut down my abundance of time as well. Typical New Yorker. I had so much free time that I actually paid off my sleep debt. Of course now I am in severe sleep debt, perhaps more so than when I first came here! Seven tutoring lessons a week, more or less depending on the week, regular teaching job, lesson preparation, skyping (that is the root of my sleep deprivation, but I need it) and of course the occasional night out or excursion and other random errands (hey I need groceries, too!).

Here's a great George Carlin standup clip that reminded me a bit of my current problem, minus the time part:

I'm working on it.. I swear!

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