Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I'm so completely exhausted today.. couldn't fall asleep last night until about 3:30am.. woke up at 7:40am.  I must must must refrain from napping! Otherwise I won't be able to sleep again. Neither will I be able to get up from my nap. I have to give tutoring classes
today so I must stay awake. For some reason my roommate asked if i wanted to go to the vet with her and her friend, she has to take a cat in. I only agreed because I have to take any opportunity I can to practice spanish PLUS I am so extrememly tired I HAVE TO do something. I'm falling apart.

Here are some random pics from my trip to NY & then UT :)

me attempting to jump haha..mom made me

mom's turn

pepper in the shower

marky mark and i take a trip

hot springs!

lots of snow

on our way to snowboard-jason, beth, and PJ are in the back

our ice-capade

the fruits of my labor

ok, adios folks :)

ps:yes, i will attempt to make this blog less lame... eventually....

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