Monday, February 14, 2011

i'm not just being lazy, i swear

i just have too much going on this week! aaaghhh!

so here's some pictures :)

from latest to.. least latest.

respectively: A Midsummer Night's Dream-the play-in Spanish of course; it was really funny, good thing I knew the story! Then skyping with Sherie & Sunny :) Then an outing right before the end of Xmas break with a few coworkers, and some decorations for "Dia del Paz" Day of Peace made by the little ones, and the weeeee lil ones duing Dia del Paz performance! Such sweeties!

cutie :)

Carolina's the funniest

Ok, Libi (2nd from L) looks a bit odd here, she looks much better in person.

And she's awesome & I love her :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

aaaaand we're back

hi friends. thanks to my lovely beau AND myself :} my computer is back in service and i am back in touch with non-reality.

Because I am lazy, here is a summary of Xmas in Lugo and the first part of Marcus' visit in photos ;)

with paula & her mom, who took care of us, after being sick..still a bit sick in this pic..

on the bus after picking up marcus at the airport..we were really happy :)
for christmas marcus wrote me a 100-page book about why he loves me..

it was sooo sweet & often hilarious

out with paula & her bf..i look like i'm about to put marcus in a chokehold 

me & paulita <3

about to have the best paella ever

adorable lil xmas tree

lovely sky from the roman wall

lugo cathedral

"angry youtube baby" face

drunk face-new year's

new year's... marcus had to carry me home cause my shoes hurt, it was so much fun ;)

Next I'll post pics of our trip to Madrid which was just lovely..
Chao folks!