Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I'm so completely exhausted today.. couldn't fall asleep last night until about 3:30am.. woke up at 7:40am.  I must must must refrain from napping! Otherwise I won't be able to sleep again. Neither will I be able to get up from my nap. I have to give tutoring classes
today so I must stay awake. For some reason my roommate asked if i wanted to go to the vet with her and her friend, she has to take a cat in. I only agreed because I have to take any opportunity I can to practice spanish PLUS I am so extrememly tired I HAVE TO do something. I'm falling apart.

Here are some random pics from my trip to NY & then UT :)

me attempting to jump haha..mom made me

mom's turn

pepper in the shower

marky mark and i take a trip

hot springs!

lots of snow

on our way to snowboard-jason, beth, and PJ are in the back

our ice-capade

the fruits of my labor

ok, adios folks :)

ps:yes, i will attempt to make this blog less lame... eventually....

Monday, March 21, 2011

NY & Utah

I've reeeally lost touch with this whole blogging thing. I'm really not one for blogs, that's for sure.
Well I'm back in Spain after a two week haitus in NY and Utah.. I met my dear sweet baby nephew!! He's sooooo cuuuuuute. Obviously. Mira:

It was also wonderful to see my mama! Miss her like crazy. And of course everyone else! Yeah, it was great to see everyone but wow, I realize I haven't actually lived in Brooklyn in two years, and you know, it was oddly depressing to be there and to think of living there again. I don't know why! I really don't. But I don't want to live there anymore. Which actually comes as a shock to me since I pictured myself there forever.. The thing is I don't want to live in Utah either. I like being there, the nature is beautiful, and obviously I love living with Marcus and getting to wake up next to him every day :)
But I just don't really like it enough..to live there. Not long term anyway. Still, it would be sensible. It would be more sensible to go to school there and get my masters there... and have Marcus there. Long distance is hard. I was okay here missing my family and my friends.. and I would have been ok until June. Heck it's only seven months and I'm ok with skyping for seven months. But unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) romantic love has a bit of a stronger pull and I couldn't even bare to think of spending five months without my sweetheart. You know, in a way, that's bad. I wanted our love to transcend time and space. Turns out I am very much human and cannot transcend either. Still, we withstood a lot that most people wouldn't be able to and I'm very proud of us. Not only that but we worked through problems and we became stronger than ever, and now I am more sure of us than ever. I'm really glad Marcus pushed me to do this and I'm glad I had enough faith to go. Jump and the net will appear..
Anyway, didn't mean to veer so much off topic but now it is time for dinner so I will leave you with pictures and a wave..
outing before my departure

the blond lady to the left is not part of our group

i'm a bit tipsy..

this chicken was getting married! his teeth match his costume..

hair on my face

staying with liz & sal and their puppies

las tres amigas <3

adios, i will hopefully write again manana..