Friday, April 15, 2011


I'm off for the midnight bus to Madrid to participate in a program called "VaughanTown Talkathon" which is like "Pueblo Inglès" if you've ever heard of it. Basically I will spend a week in a remote location with about 30 Spaniards and Anglos speaking only English...a rapid English learning environment for the Spaniards. It's not paid but they cover travel to & from the hotel (from Madrid) and the hotel room plus three 3 course meals a day. I'm psyched and nervous... I'm alll alllone. Plus I was a last minute add in due to a miscommunication and a couple graciously agreed to share a room with me... hopefully it won't be weird. I'm definitely thankful to them though. I get to go! Ok, better get a move on..
Maybe I'll be able to update from there.

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