Monday, April 25, 2011

VaughanTown: Reflection

So, I'm not up for blogging right now (am I ever?) but thought I'd just share some brief thoughts on my experience at VaughanTown and the "Talk-a-thon".
Well in a nutshell it was wonderful! A very unique experience and not one I am likely to ever forget. The week was so densely packed that after the first day it felt like I'd been there a week already. There were actually 40 of us-a large group indeed- but I didn't end up having to share a room because a couple was counted as two when they only needed one room, so there was a leftover-woo! Good thing, too because the rooms were small! (It's a monastery.)  Not that it really mattered since we hardly spent any time in them at all. The program was almost literally non-stop talking! It was crazy! My throat hurt at the end of the first day! It certainly helped me sharpen my conversation skills.. And my creativity since I had to continuously speak and come up with different topics for us to talk about! Cool thing was I was in a play so for one day I had a bunch of rehearsals instead of conversations. That was a nice break.. Oh and the food was (for the most part) excellent! It was soooo nice not to have to think about meals for a week... Yes, cooking is definitely NOT my thing. But the best part was that I met a lot of wonderful people.. they were all so nice! There might have been about 3 people who I didn't converse with.. and that was ok.. if you catch my drift..  The rest were just awesome.
All in all a good week. I also ended up spending the weekend in Madrid which was nice but after an entire week full of conversations with so many different people, it felt a bit lonely without them. Not only that but the only other time I'd been in Madrid was with Marcus so everywhere I went all I could think about was how we'd been there together.. and it made me miss him hardcore. Lame, I know. Blame my heart. But I had finally made it to Toledo which was an ancient little town that everyyyyone told me I just HAD to visit.. and it did not disappoint. I'll share more on Toledo next time, as I've already posted more than I meant to. I'm sure my next few posts will be mostly pictures (like I've said before.. not one for this blogging thing!! But I'm glad I get at least a few thoughts down to document.)

Here's a group shot of us Vaughaners:

hasta la proxima!

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