Saturday, December 4, 2010

ahhhhhwwww... PaNTS!

i got the chocolate brown pants of my dreams today!!! they are the kind of chocolate brown that i absolutely loveeee on people, never dreaming i'd ever have a pair of my own! they initially didn't have my size but the helpful sales lady actually went downstairs and found a pair in my size! this is unheard of! usually the answer is: "whatever's out. sorry." well, often a sorry does not accompany this response. anyway! she got my size! ok, so they aren't like the most perfect fit but i don't give a crap they fit well enough yayy! chocolate brown pants!! i love chocolate brown pants!

yeah. i know. this post is pointless & lame. i'm just excited looking at my pants and it's been time to update. real update coming tomorrow. i swear.

side note: sales people in spain (or at least here in Lugo) are wayyyy nicer & more helpful than any retail people i've encountered in NYC!

k, chau :)


Alex said...

we will need a picture to follow

erica said...

i don't think anyone else would understand their beauty honestly... sadly, to others they'd just be dark brown pants.