Saturday, November 20, 2010

look at the past week & why i'm a good and bad teacher.

hollerrrrr from Lugo!

This weekend was supposed to be all about goal keeping but i keep waking up late! i'm really trying but it is quite a difficult task to change your internal clock.

anyway. here are some sort of noteworthy happenings:

-i had to go to the police station to get my temporary residence card. i decided not to trouble oscar & went by myself. oh boy. it was definitely a bit anxiety provoking since i did not understand anything the disgruntled office employee was telling me. as it happens, i bumped into the "un hombre loco" from maria's party & it was my good fortune cause he helped me out. so yyay that is done.

-i randomly met another auxillary @ the supermarket last wknd. we met up the day after to hang and guess who i bumped into once again.. un hombre loco! haha. anyway, about the other auxillary, i found out that my school's better than his. and i live way closer to the city center. and i'm just more awesome in general. score! 

-oscar made a boy cry in the 6th grade class this week. this boy seems like a pretty masculine kid too, haha. he was just teasing the kid, saying he did his hw in class rather than at home, but the kid got very upset & protested that he did it at home.. and started crying. we were shocked! oscar was all "it's ok! i'm not gonna eat you! do i look like a monster?" and one kid said yes and that kid got a zero for the day. life ain't no joke, yo.

-on the other hand paula's class is less strictly governed so i got really serious with them and demanded respectful listening... after which i was worried that paula might think i was too strict (i wasn't. i was a fair amount strict, but she is so sweet i was afraid she'd find it too strict.) instead paula said to me at the end of class, "Erica, I think you are a very good teacher." this totally made my week :)

-in a different in-class incident i prove i am not all that great of a teacher afterall! in 1st grade we were having a lesson and oscar was explaining something or other when all of a sudden, the boy in the front row right next to me-BOOM!- falls over backwards in his chair right onto the floor!! Oh my god. It was so funny. The room fell dead silent and all eyes were on him as he scrambled up as quick as possible, put his chair back in place, turned to his notebook quickly and pretended to be deeply inthralled with his work, as if nothing happened. At which point Oscar starts giving him a serious speech in spanish, something like "what were you doing? that's what happens when you fool around, you should be quietly paying attention, not fooling around, what do you think this is a playground?" etc etc. MEANWHILE.. I am holding my breath, squeezing my lips shut, looking down, trying as hard as humanly possible to remain serious despite the fact that I found the entire incident absolutely hysterical. i knew i could not mess up oscar's serious speech by laughing. that would be the worst. because even a student that giggled got scolded by oscar. i can see the kids sort of smiling/holding back smiles-which makes it that much harder for me- but no one laughs. finally oscar looks up at me to continue with the lesson and the second he does, i feel my face betraying me and he can see it too, i can not even speak. and he cracks a slight smirk, and says "Are you ok?" and that was it. i LOST it. i begin to shake with laughter and i am trying so so so hard to hold it in but it is futile, i had tears in my eyes, he goes, "Are you crying? What happened?" and i am just dying, i can't even look at the poor kid that fell, I felt so awful but I could not stop. Ohhh.. it was absurd. I was so red just from trying to hold in the laughter.. it was the funniest thing ever. Oscar realized it was hopeless and started asking, "What's wrong with Erica? What happened to her? Does anybody know?" and the kids were giggling. god. i can't believe i did that. i am still laughing about it! we were laughing about it on the way home.. speaking of which..

-me, oscar, paula, and another fellow carpool to work. said other fellow..lets call him Mac...stinks. i wondered why no one ever mentioned this whenever he got out of the car. well, we finally discussed this matter last week. i opened the window after he got out and paula said "good idea erica!" and i said, "yes, Mac is a bit.. smelly, no?" Paula and Oscar start laughing and paula said oh erica, you are brave! but oscar says, "what are you talking about? erica, how could you say that?" and i felt so guilty! I didn't know what to say! and then oscar continued, "I think what you mean to say is...he is stinky!" and we all just died haha.. but he kept going, "He is so stinky! He stinks! He smells awful! oh my god! it's terrible!" it was so freaking funny. good heavens. just this past week was an especially potent one and oscar started talking about it in the car while Mac was still there (but he speaks no english). haha, terrible.. we are just laughing and Mac has no idea why. so mean, i know.

-i went out with my roommate Patricia the other night for her friend's bday.. i like Patricia's friends, they're very down to earth. i had lots of spanish practice. one of the girls that came spoke english-she spoke english to me and I spanish to her! it was fun. i had two beers and a bunch of tapas.. Lugo is known for this free tapas with a drink thing. it's great. well, maybe not so great because at 3am I woke up hurling my guts out to the point of scorching my throat. ewww. not fun. not going to OD on tapas ever again.
Duff beer!!!

Patri, me, Fanny

fanny's cat Neo-good god he is so mushy!!! i love him.

those are my weekly highlights. i will try to be a better blogger, but i'm quite lame when it comes to this sort of thing.

chau chicos ;)

ps: my next goal is to use capitals more consistently. 


Alex said...

HAHAHA i was trying to stifle my own laugh as I read your blog in my office right inside the class that is occuring. I can so imagine you laughin at this kid's poor fall.

Jesse said...

The kid falling out of his chair = hilarious. I love it!