Monday, November 8, 2010

pepper is found & other good things

it's monday evening and my little wee kitten Pepper is (as Paula would say-) "sound & safe" :)

hooray hooray hooray! three cheers for my Marco Polo for his hard work planting signs everywhere.. and for now understanding that sometimes my worries are not in vain! (right??)
she was given back sunday morning, apparently some bloke a few blocks away found her and had seen the signs for our lost little one. he said to Marcus: "i don't know how you deal with her, she woke us up at 3am suckling on my ear." 
hahaha. thats my pepper alright. yayyyyy!!!! pepper is back!!!! 

saturday i hung out with Paula & her amigas.. it was her friend Maria's birthday. it was a great time and just what i needed to get my mind off of Pepper. (cause obviously she was still missing at the time)
we went to an Argentinian restaurant for dinner and then a couple of bars for drinks & dancing! 

L to R: don't recall but i liked her, me, un hombre loco, maria, tonio, paula

we had a lot of laughs particularly because there was an especially odd fellow there who we suspect was just beyond drunk because he was soo obnoxious. we all tried to ignore him, i mean we were VERY blatantly ignoring him but he didn't seem to notice. while i was talking to paula's friend he was shouting translations at her and when she answered me in spanish he shouted translations at me! haha. we just couldnt stop laughing. it was ridiculous. wow. i ended up pouring his drink in a different glass. we were laughing about it but he never noticed. hahaha sssabotage! 

his rum & coke: now "wine"
none of them really knew him, he was just a friend of maria's. maria is awesome too and can speak a good amount of english-she talked a lot about this band called "Mattafix" or some such thing.. how she loves them so much and the singer is the most beautiful man in the world! haha. she was very funny. actually all of the girls were great. they were so so sweet, i had a great time with all of them, they made me feel so comfortable. good times.

there were no candles so she blew out the toothpicks ;)

me and paula with the birthday girl on the right
maria, tania, don't remember but she was sweet, and me

spanish cameron diaz and I
i love Paula too of course. i think she is one of my very favorite people here so far. she's such a cool person; so sweet, so fun, so friendly. she looks and sort of acts like a spanish Cameron Diaz. i told her that but she was like "what! nooo.. where are the blue eyes? and blond hair?" it's true though. 

alright, lesson prepping time. tengo escuela manana.

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