Tuesday, November 9, 2010

black lungs, sore throats

i'm gonna get black lung here! why do people still think it's cool to smoke? sucks.

tengo dolor de garganta. i have a sore throat. getting out of bed today sucked. and two people said i didn't looked well. awwwesome. i have to start sticking to a more normal sleep schedule. 


-the principal pulled me aside to talk about an art project that they're doing and i understood almost half of what she was saying! woo!

-a boy in the 3rd grade class gave me a plastic pink heart. awww. i think it's a bicycle peg..

-two girls in the 3rd grade class made me a paper boat..awww. it said "welcome erica" ...although i've been there 2 weeks now.

-i fell asleep in the car on the way home. dios mio.

-i had my very first students to tutor today! two of oscar's friends who know very little english. it went surprisingly well. yo creo (i believe). Well, considering the language barrier. sweet. i can kind of communicate. the money i made is going straight to getting a temporary residence card. isn't it ironic. dontcha think.

-speaking of rain, it's been raining. ugh. i have made up my mind. i dislike the rain.

-nacho (my roomie) made spanish tortilla today.. the eggs were not cooked through... and i ate it anyway because they said "no te preocupes" don't worry. & if we get sick-we get sick together.

-speaking of sick i'm a bit sick.

chau! :)

ps: i'm so happy pepper is back!! i love her sweet little troublemaking face so much i want to just bite it! i wish she was here :(


Alex said...

Ha funny thing about the egss....yeah, I think Americans like our eggs cooked well. Cause here they also don't cook them straight through. They thought it was weird that I wanted mine "well done". Plus they don't like to refrigerate them either

erica said...

yeah they don't refrigerate them here either! at least not in the stores.