Monday, January 10, 2011

the constantly feared NO symbol has come

hola amigos. well, my computer is currently out of service. sucks hardcore!!! hopefully it will be on the mend soon but for now I'm using ny iPhone for internet (thanks m.m.) and can't be bothered to type with this annoying tiny keyboard. ok for texts but not for blogs. I will be back shortly. maybe. I hope because I found out I can't really survive without the Internet. sure I'm more productive but who really cares about that when I can't watch full episodes of the daily show or do more in depth hours-long research on the mass animal deaths plaguing the world?

on a side note: my roommates came back yesterday from their 2.5 week break and.. really eerie.. I'm kind of happy to have them back. sure the apartment was cleaner and smoke free without them, but, well..I missed the cat. Ok I sort of missed the constant company, too. I'm sure that will pass in about a week.

but to touch on an aforementioned topic-smoking-there is (as of January 2nd 2011) a smoking ban in bars and restaurants like the one we had in new York not so long ago. no, spaniards aren't happy about it but contrary to prior belief it's actually being enforced. and all I have to say is, "woohooooo!!!!"

Wow wrote way more than I intended. Well, hopefully I'll be back soon to post pics of marcus' visit here & etc.
besos :)

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who else said...

so now that WE fixed your computer are you going to update this stuff so i can read about all of your shenanigans?