Friday, November 5, 2010

highlights and lowlights


i am blue today :(

lets see, highlights of the week:

-el colegio. the school. everyone there is so nice & i love the kids. the 3rd graders started sporadically hugging me in Paula's [POW-la's] class yesterday. and in oscar's class, we had a lesson in which i went around asking the kids about themselves and then they had to answer in english. i did most of the class but oscar took care of 3 pairs of students. afterwards those students were jealous & complained to oscar that they didn't get to talk with me. then he said "Now I'm jealous!" haha.. aww :)
in the first grade class there are so many students whose cheeks i just want to pinch! SO cuuute!!! with their little innocent confused faces awwwww! i can't stand it!

-on wednesday i was going to go explore the city center but then my roommates convinced me to party with them and their friends. we played a lot of fun drinking games haha. and they made a drink, apparently a staple of the youth in spain, called "Calimocho"  It's wine mixed with coca cola mixed in a big pot like soup. and actually it was quite tasty. calimocho soup for everyone! good times, stayed up way too late.

-on tuesday went to town with oscar to buy a dictionary and bumped into an old colleague of his. said colleague convinced me to go to his school (he's also an english teacher) one day to speak with the kids. don't know if that was just talk. we'll see. i'd love to see more of spain & get to see other schools! we went cafe hopping. you buy a drink, you get food for free! ah, the beauty of Tapas.

-i finally explored the city center today. it's so lovely and the town is so quaint and adorable. i really love it. there are parts of it where the buildings are decrepit and old and for reasons unknown to me i really love those parts. i don't know, i like it's charm. and crumbling walls mixed with broken glass looks interesting to me. it's a mystery. i walked their famous giant roman walls too. the walls are something like 1,000 years old and they make a full circle around the city center. so you can take a walk all the way around, it's about a mile and a half long.

Lowlights: Pepper is missing and I'm really upset :(


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