Wednesday, October 20, 2010

two days left in utah

friday i leave for new york. my mom arrives from ukraine saturday! yay! so i get to see her plus most of my friends/fam before i leave for spain :)

god, i haven't even (completely) packed yet... but hey that's just my style. (not a good style to have. at all.)

i'm getting a bit anxious. i hate flying! i mean i kiiind of like it, but i'm more.. unreasonably terrified of it. even though i've done it quite a few times. marcus seems like he isn't really afraid of anything. except maybe breaking his ankle cause he's done that too many times. his philosophy is he can't really do anything about it so why stress over it? so sane, and yet i can not practice this logical, reasonable, and much healthier alternative to my constant worry. coincidentally everything i've been watching lately happens to deal with aero-crashes of some type.. the most recent "Lost" episode where they go back to the island, the movie "Cloverfield" when the helicopter crashes... umm.. I'm sure there were more.. anyway i'm freaking scared!!! i hate flying!!!

ok. i should go pack.


ps: oh yeah & die hard 2 when they were almost gonna crash the airplane!

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