Friday, October 29, 2010

hola, yo estoy en espana!

wow, i forgot that blogging is like a job.. and it's hard to do it when you've got several [thousand] things going on..

well. i'm in spain!!!!! holy wow. i made it!! quite surreal.. this week felt like three. and it's friday at last!
i arrived in La Coruna airport tuesday afternoon. so just 4 days here so far! but really, it feels like 20.
one of the teachers [Oscar-but definitely not grouchy..har har..] picked me up from the airport. the flight sucked because i could hardly sleep. we went to buy some bed linens & afterwards went to eat. first mistake. i couldn't finish my food and asked to have it wrapped.. haha yeah that's not done in spain. fool!

i was very lucky, oscar found a room for me right away. and i liked it so i stayed starting from day 1. very lucky indeed, no need for a hostal. me gusta.
from the apartment
my roommates are very nice. una chica y un chico. both 24. i have never had real roommates..people i don't really know but only share a flat with. so this is very different.

the boy-Nacho (short for Ignacio)-cooks all the time. i'm always invited to eat with them. & usually their friend comes over and has lunch or dinner with us too. it's a routine. nacho asks, "comiste?"- did you eat? and even if i say yes or i'm not hungry he says "i'm going to cook" and afterwards "vamos a comer"-Let's go eat. it's very sweet. and they never take anything without asking, yesterday they asked if they could use an avocado for the guacamole (claro! of course!) and today eggs for the tortilla. tortilla in spain is a potato omelette. so i ate their potato omelette and it was awesome and i was full for 5 hours. i definitely like this dynamic. in exchange for Nacho's cooking, free internet connection, and their general hospitality, i do the dishes. it's a very amicable situation, very family-like and comfortable.
patricia, nacho, & their amiga

the unfortunate thing is they all smoke (everyone in spain smokes). smoking sucks. luckily they mostly do it in the living room and my room is far away.

the girl-patricia-has a cat, but he's scared of everyone. que lastima-what a shame. they gave him a bath the other day:

i've been doing a lot of paperwork the last few days. i'm so grateful to have someone helping me every step of the way. i don't know what i would do if i didn't. everyone has been amazing so far.

the amount of spanish i've been exposed to already is overwhelming. my brain is bouncing around spanish phrases or words like a broken record now. i feel a little bit loopy from it. i keep listening to everyone expecting for something magical to click in my brain and suddenly i'll understand it all! i'll probably be waiting a while...

well, i'm off porque tengo mucho hambre (i'm very hungry). i'll update again manana-more about my job here, since i have the day free & it looks like a rainy weekend..

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