Sunday, October 31, 2010

halloween in spain

hello hello hello.

well. as it was likely evident by my 7am blog post, yesterday was a fun night indeed. met up with oscar (the teacher, my "boss"), his brother Marcos-who is very very funny and quite cool-and their friends at some bar in the city center. they are quite a diverse bunch.. from 27 to 52 years old! well at first I was a bit apprehensive. I thought, what the hell am i going to talk about with these 5 old dudes? who don't actually even speak english minus oscar & his bro? well never judge a book! it was so much fun! they are such a funny gang of crazies. we went bar hopping and honestly i don't remember doing anything like that in a while. it was such fun.. a little weird i guess, me being the only girl.. but it's unbelievable how they went to great lengths to make sure i felt comfortable and welcome.  there was no creep factor whatsoever. they're a very likable bunch.
Marcos showing off the iphone4-everyone is jealous
a funny story about Pepe (gray hair, to the right). he wants to learn english very much. we were all talking about the differences in our languages and marcos was saying the english language has 12 vowel sounds versus the spanish 5.. and Pepe, clearly surprised, turns to marcos with a grave face and declares: "Oh! we are fucking." BAHahhahahaa we all erupted! marcos goes "noo! we are not!" i nearly fell off my chair laughing! when marcos tried to correct him he decided he understood and then changed it to: "We are going to fuck!" hahahaaa i could hardly breeathe!! finally we got it through that he should've said "we are fucked". (i noticed btw that people learning english love to curse in the language)
confession booth in an ancient house-turned-bar

oscar said: what a great picture! none of us look ugly!
happy halloween

today I saw the gang of crazies (oscar actually calls them the circus of locos or some such thing haha) again at the golf course. we went to meet up with them and i learned about golfing and oscar told me about their adorable friendship: they are always supportive of each other, can always confide in one another, and always make time for each other even if they're exhausted. it made me miss my friends. it's amazing how different it is in the US. we are given the same amount of hours in a day yet we manage to do so much less with them. we are always "busy". it's a shame. que lastima. i hope to remember this when i get back..

this afternoon oscar and marcos' parents invited me to lunch with all of them. how freaking sweet is that? i gladly accepted :) i never imagined i'd be hanging out so many people in my first few days here! lunch was fantastico. oscar's parents are awesome. his mom is so sweet and is similar to my family with the feeding feeding and feeding you nonstop! suffice it to say i was stuffed with very good authentic homemade spanish food.

vale vale vale.
i better sleep, my internal clock is all messed up.


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Alex said...

hahaha that is really funny...I've accidentally said "fuck" while trying to say chopstick